Welcome to the Bodalla Business Business Owners Association

An incorporated association has its own legal identity separate from its members, providing protection to members in legal transactions.

An incorporated association:

  • is a 'legal person'

  • can enter into and enforce contracts in its own name

  • can open a bank account

  • can hold, acquire and deal with property in its own name

  • can sue or be sued

  • continues, even though its members may change.

While there are benefits to be gained from incorporation, there are also obligations. These include annual reporting obligations, maintaining minutes, proper financial and membership records and registers.

The Bodalla Business Business Owners Association, once formed, wishes to be recognised by the Eurobodalla Council as a valid representation of Bodalla businesses, defined by a members list. 

The Association intends on adopting a Model Constitution of an Association and register with Fair Trading NSW

For more information please contact Kelly Motbey, volunteer.